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Helen Ruth (Knox) Northup was born on July 9th, 1918, the second daughter to Normanand Esther (Fleischman) Knox in Missouri.

Helen Explains: "They were in Mo because it was in 1918 and we were in the 1st World War . I believe my Dad was in some kind of a military academy or school as we had a snapshot of him sitting on a cannon in a uniform. However he was never in the service that I know of. When we came back we lived in the log house down by Ten Mile Lake. We did not move to the big house on the hill until my brother Gerald was a baby. He was born in Dec of 1925 so it was probably in 1926. My Knox grandparents lived in Bemidji on Park AVe and 12th St. after we moved into that loghouse. I remember a picture of my grandfather with us kids when Norma was the baby and Elroy very young They are the next younger than me. and I know they came out from Bemidji to visit us and we lived in that house then. My mother went to High School in Bemidji and lived with a family by the name of Rice. After graduating she went to school for only a few months, I believe to be certified to teach. She stayed with the Knox family while teaching at the Ten Mile School which it was at first called so that was when she met my Dad. They were married on June 21, 1916 when she was 21 years old and at first lived in a little house that was across from where David Bryans live. I think they lived there until we went to Missouri."

She was raised on the farm North of Puposky, Minnesota, where they were living when Vyron Northup came up from Ottertail county and went to work for her Dad. They eventually got married on September 20, 1936 in the Knox living room by Rev. J.T. Stolee.

In Helen's own words:
I am Helen Ruth Knox Northup of Pleasant Valley. Born July 9, 1918 in Kansas City, Missouri to Norman Louis and Esther Clara Viola (Fleischman ) Knox during a brief sojourn down there during the first World War. After that was over we returned to the Pleasant Valley area where I have lived ever since. I married Vyron Leslie Northup on September 20th 1936 during the great depression. He was born in Ottertail County and came up to Beltrami County in the fall of 1934 before harvest time when he expected to go to North Dakota to work and make a little money as he and many of the young men from that area did every fall. However he started to help out haying etc. and never did return down there to live. We were married for 63 years before he passed away in November of 1999 due to a car accident at age 89. We raised a fine family of children on our farm during those years.
They were: Lewis Dean born Sept 4,1937
Constance Ruth March 19, 1939
Charles Vyron November 16, 1940
Judith Virginia October 2, 1942
Richard Lawrence June 17,1944
Diana Jean August 19,1945
Dorothy Anne May 26, 1947
Juanita Rose August 16, 1950
Ronald Parker February 22,1952
Francis Eugene April 14, 1954
Leanne Marie August 7, 1957
Darien Luverne September 25, 1958
We lost Lewis in a tragic accident in February of 1975 at the age of 37 .

I live in the same place as we lived most of our married life; which is only about a mile and a half north of the place I was raised in. We lived from the fall of 1936 until Nov of 1939 in a house which belonged to my Uncle Carl and Aunt Margie (Knox) Jones a mile south of here just across from the Pleasant Valley Church. At that time we moved into a house which Vyron built and added onto a couple times until the fall after Ron was born when we moved into this larger house built on the same location. Just recently the children have been improving this house by adding on a garage and enlarging some rooms and adding on others. At age 83, I suppose I will not be enjoying it for many years but as long as I am able, I intend to stay here and appreciate what a blessing my family is to me. There are still several of them living close. Chuck has 5 head of young stock (cattle) here in the pasture so he is over every day at least once and generally more often. He lives just around the corner to the west on a forty which was part of our farm(We had 160 acres across the road and this forty which is the building site.) Rick has a house just across the road but has moved to Coon Rapids and is just back on occasional weekends. Darien lives about a mile and 3/4 south of here on the Pleasant Valley road and daughter Judy and her family live to the west on the shore of Ten Mile Lake on part of what used to be my parents farm where I grew up. Leanne lives on a farm near Bemidji and is home for weekends frequently. Two more of the children live in Minn. Diana (who with her husband Paul have a Nursery and several greenhouses near Warren ) and Ron who lives in Thief River Falls with his family and works for the Highway Department. There are three daughters on the west coast (Dorothy in Edmonds Wash., Connie nearby in Shoreline, North of Seattle and Juanita who teaches elementary school in the Santa Ana School District and lives in Orange, Calif.) The final son lives in Katy, Texas and works for El Paso Gas in Houston. This is Francis ( or maybe you know him as Frank or Francisco or even Odin!!)

Vyron and Helen Northup Family

Children of Vyron and Helen Northup

Lewis Dean Northup; B. Sept. 4, 1937 M. Gayl A. Stott; (05/14/1938-1996) died; February, 1975
Connie Ruth Northup; b. Mar. 19,1939 M. #1 Gunnar Hallberg; divorced ??
M. #2 Gary Northup; ??
Charles Vyron Northup; B. Nov 16, 1940 M. Eydith Rae Rawlins/Schmidt; ??
Judith Virginia Northup; B. Oct. 2, 1942 M. Frank J. Fowler; ??
Richard Lawrence Northup; B. June 17,1944 M. Donna Jean Buckeye; October 4, 1969
Diana Jean Northup; B. August 19, 1945 M. Paul Morkassel 20th of June 1964
Dorothy Ann Northup; B. May 26, 1947 M.; Tony Persinger ??
Juanita Rose Northup; B. August 16, 1950 M. Michael Walker; ??
Ronald Parker Northup; B. Feb. 22, 1952 M.; Sheryl Wittman; ??
Francis Eugene Northup; B. April 14, 1954 M.; Maridawn Mayer
Leanne Marie Northup; B. August 7, 1957 M. Walter Haugan; ?? divorced??
Darien Luverne Northup; B. Sept. 25, 1958 M. 1.) Cheryl ?? ?? divorced; ??
M. 2.) Laferne Rundell; ??

Pictures of Helen Northup Family